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Sermon Notes


March 16, 2014 | STANDING IN THE STORMS: Sensing God During the Storm - Part 2


Dr.  Burnie R.  Burnside


John 16


How Jesus Prepares Us for the Storm:


He lets us see the clouds (vv.  1-4).

So that our fears will be lessened.

So we will be secure in Him.

Because the timing is right.


Second, Jesus assures us that He has our best interests in mind.


He sends the Holy Spirit to minister to us.


He gives us enough light for today.


He reminds us of His unconditional love.


He gives us courage in spite of our circumstances.



Effects of Storms:


Storms allow us to see ourselves.


Storms are times of restoration.


Storms can bring spiritual growth in our life.



How to Grow During a Storm


Learning from storms requires a decision.


Learning from storms requires dedication.


Learning from storms requires humility.


Learning from storms requires living with a sense of destiny.


Learning from storms requires the prayers of saints and the help of the Holy Spirit.


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