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Sermon Notes




Dr.  Burnie R.  Burnside


Joshua 4:1-9, 19-24


If ever the phrase "times are a-changin'" would fit a period in human history, that phrase would be appropriate today.  The people of God are certainly not exempt from facing a tomorrow that might look very different from today. "How are we to face the challenge of a changing world?"


God has always had a people who march into the uncertain and challenging tomorrow with boldness and confidence.



Facing a New Day of Change:


The Book of Joshua demonstrates "the great transition" in the life of the people of God.


Transition is usually more of a challenge than we can ever begin to anticipate.


The changes of yesterday often seem insignificant to us today in light of our many challenges.



Remembering Yesterday, Moving to Tomorrow.


One of the most common practices of the people of God is change.


One of the most important acts of the people of God: to set up a monument commemorating the work of God in their lives.


To pile the stones is to celebrate both heritage and hope, both yesterday's victory and tomorrow's promise.


One of the great tasks of the people of God has always been to commemorate for future generations all that God has done, while at the same time pointing the way forward to God's future.


One of the deepest convictions of the people of God throughout time and space: the faith must be faithfully transmitted to future generations.



The Challenge: Move On.


The people of God have unashamedly passed the faith on to the next generation.


The people of God have refused to return to yesterday.



Who are we as the people of God?  What is our identity?  We are stone pilersWe are altar builders. With one hand, we point to yesterday; with the other, we point to tomorrow.


So parents, teachers, workers, grandparents, church leaders, worship leaders are we piling the stones?  Are we deliberately, purposefully giving witness to God's work?


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