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Inglesia del Nazareno Communidad de la Esperanza

Sermon Notes




Dr.  Burnie R.  Burnside


Joshua 24:13-18


Unlike many other games, here there are no teams.  "In this game, it is every person for himself.  Here, you play hard, you play tough, and you play to win.  There are no second and third place winners; you either win it all or nothing!  This is the real world we're talking about.  In this world, you play hard, you play tough, and you play to win!"


The Dilemma:


  1. The world’s instructions for success are very clear:     you play hard, you play tough, and you play to win!
  3. The dominant secular world-view understood life as something that must be accomplished and earned.
  5. The heart of the dilemma for the people of God just hasn't changed at all:  We have been trained to live life according to the rules of this world.



The Answer:  Remember Who You Are.


  1. The dominant tendency is toward dividing life between the sacred and the secular.
  3. Joshua calls the people of God to make a choice.
  5. The people of God are citizens of the kingdom of God, a kingdom that is built upon the gracious activity of God.
  7. Now, 3,000 years after Joshua ... we hear Joshua say to us   "You are not people who have gained life through performance, accomplishment, and achievement. No! You are instead the graced, the blessed, and the gifted children of God!"



The Challenge: Be Who You Already Are.


  1. The people of God are called to the challenge: to be completely and undividedly the people of God (24:14).
  3. The Call of Joshua to every generation:  "Let the God who saved you yesterday be the God who continues to save you today. Let the God of whom you testify to His gracious deliverance be the God of the everyday!



Response: Put Away and Serve.


  1. The people of God are ultimately called to respond responsibly to the grace of God!
  3. In response to Joshua’s call to undivided loyalty, the people acknowledge that the Lord is the Lord they will serve.



For many of us, we know the rules of this world: gain, accomplish, achieve, perform.  However, today we have been reminded of who we are.  This day, today, we are called to be fully, wholly, completely what God has created us to be – the graced, the blessed, and the gifted people of God!

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