At Your Service

Matthew Carte, Senior Pastor:
Pastor Matthew Carte
Matthew loves Jesus and people. Matthew loves his wife Dana and their son Brycen. Matthew has served in Full Time Ministry since 2004 and has a bachelors in religion and a masters in theology.
Matthew enjoys meaningful conversations, watching sports and experiencing the outdoors
Matthew enjoys solidarity with the flock by engaging the work force, full time, Monday through Friday. Matthew prays and serves to be (a) close to Jesus and (b) see God’s reign manifest in this hour.
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Earl Robertson, associate Pastor:
Earl Robertson had been a senior pastor for 41 years. During that time he has served in many District level positions.
He and his wife Betty have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Burnie Burnside, Pastor emeritus:
After 40 years of Ministry and 34 of those at HOPE Community, Burnie Burnside decided to retire.

He continues to fully support the ministry and leadership of HOPE. His ministry is now as a Chaplain to our Law Enforcement community.

Peggy Burnside, Worship Director:

Cynde Joy, associate Pastor:
Cynde was raised in a Jewish family and later met Jesus as her Messiah.
Cynde is a mother and grandmother to a large and happy family and is presently a licensed Nazarene pastor working toward Elders Orders for Ordination.

Cynde completed a Bachelors degree in Social Work and a Masters degree in Education, with specialization in special education and has 2 graduate certificates in Autism Intervention and Behavior Analysis.

Cynde loves people, teaching, preaching and helping others through prayer and compassion. Currently Cynde serves youth, adults, as well as online ministry!